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a creation born out of

an insatiable appetite

to explore and a thirst

to push the boundaries

of modern bartending.

It is a transplant much

like its creators


Brunnwald Austria where Fernet Hunter Producer live

Made from herbs and spices found during the hunting season in Austria, Fernet Hunter is a blend of classic ingredients using a contemporary recipe. Although we call the concrete jungle home, it remains true to the natural elements of its production. From the exhilaration of the first snowfall in winter to the triumph of riding waves in the summer, the essence of this is captured in every bottle.

A lake in Brunnwald Austria where Fernet Hunter is manufactured


The forrest of Brunnwald Austria, Fernet Hunter, Fernet, Italian Amaro, Italian Liqueur


Indigenous to mountainous regions, arnica is a herbaceous plant in the sunflower family. It’s roots and flowers are known for their medicinal properties and are used to provide a distinct herbal undertone to the spirit.

Orris Root

Found on the steep slopes of the Alps, orris root petals bring bittersweet notes and a violet like aroma to our amaro. The root enhances the other herbs and spices used to make the spirit.


At home in the rocky soil of The Muehlviertel (upper Austria), lavender buds provide the aromatic quality. Beyond the pleasant aromatics, the lavender also works as a tonic to settle the stomach when consumed after meals.

The forrest of Brunnwald Austria, Fernet Hunter, Fernet, Italian Amaro, Italian Liqueur, Fernet Hunter, Fernet


Fernet Hunter

Where they pick Lavender in Brunnwald Austria, to make Fernet Hunter, Fernet, Italian Amaro, Italian Liqueur, Amaro

a fresh take on a classic Italian bitter. Using a recipe that dates back to the early 1900’s, this aromatic spirit is made from a select combination of botanicals, including Arnica, Orrisroot, and Lavender, which are found in and around the Austrian town and forest of Brunnwald. These herbs and spices are handpicked and dried during the hunting season, hence the name Fernet Hunter. Utilizing a low-temperature infusion method, the true essence of each ingredient is extracted, which gives a unique character and balance. Established in collaboration between father and son (Holzer and Holzer), combines centuries of experience in distilling and alcohol trade with a modern approach in bartending. It can be enjoyed in many ways, but it’s best consumed chilled - with soda, tea, or in cocktails.

Fernet Hunter Granit

A photo of Fernet Hunter Granit next to Granite rocks

is the second generation of the original Fernet Hunter and the second collaboration of the original between father and son (Holzer and Holzer). A true bitter, what separates Granit from our original is its dryness, increased bitter notes, and decreased sugar content. In addition to arnica, orris root, and lavender, Fernet Hunter Granit is also made with chamomile, which provides a strong aromatic character and complexity to this to this unique bitter. The name "Granit" refers to the solid granite rocks that can be found throughout Austria's Mühlviertel region— a part of the Bohemian massif that stretches from the Czech Republic to the Northern parts of Austria. The idea for Granit was conceived in 2016 and after listening to the advice of some of the world's leading bartenders along with Gilbert Holzer, the mastermind behind the recipe.

Fernet Hunter B.C.

Fernet Hunter BC

created in collaboration by Raphael Holzer (founder of Fernet Hunter) and Max Jenke (founder of Endeavor Snowboards), B.C. is a celebration of snowboard culture – a passion that Raphael and Max both share. What separates B.C. from the rest of the our products is the inclusion of wild blueberries, which are found around the town and forests of Brunnwald, Austria as well as in the Central and Northern Interior of British Columbia, Canada (where Endeavor originates). These wild blueberries are combined with Arnica, Orrisroot, and Lavender to produce a true bitter with strong aromatic character and complexity - ideally enjoyed on the rocks or with soda at the top of a snow- covered mountain. Utilising the same slow rotational infusion method we are able to extract all these subtle and beautiful blueberry notes.

Fernet Hunter, Fernet, Italian Amaro, Italian Liqueur, Fernet Hunter Granit

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